Nethoscope - NetMapper

Nethoscope is a network discovery and investigation tool supporting IPv4, IPX and RAW packet discovery of devices and network topology.

Shown below is the result of a scan on a Netware network, with the discovery of three servers which are on separate and distant locations.

The discovery in this first set of images used the Netware Client API to list the servers.

Screenshots taken on August 2001 running on Windows NT 4.0

Then the server IPX addresses were processed together with the IPX/RIP information gathered from the network to build a real network map. Finally, the discovered addresses were renamed manually to show human-readable information resulting in the NetMap shown below:

The clients were also discoverable, but not shown by default to avoid unnecesary clutter on the NetMap.

This version of Nethoscope-NetMapper was built on top of the WATUSI framework, supporting at that time full IPv4/IPX/Raw packet discovery and decoding, and not long after IPv6 support was also added. In fact, WATUSI was (and probably still is) the only framework of of the VC++6/VB6 era supporting all those protocols.