Use your computer and connection, and host yourself! An all-in-one Dynamic DNS Client, HTTP and Mail server and more

Built from the ground up to be easy to use while at the same time very powerful, HostYourself started as a project to answer a question: can any computer be turned into Hosting for my webpages and email?

Hosting Yourself is truly easy!

Get started by setting your account User name and Password:

Then select from the list of services that are loaded in your account, which one(s) will be Hosted from this computer.
Did I mention HY is multiplatform? It works great on Windows, Linux and MacOS!

Then you can enable the Web Provider, the directories/folders where your websites will be Hosted are automatically created for you, just copy the files you want to serve there.

You can see the websites hosted in the Options, and optionally map it or redirect it to another site:

Do you need to receive email too? No problem, just enable the Mail Provider:

And then define the email domain(s) you want to Host on this computer:

And the email accounts, too:

You don't like Spam, don't you? No one does. Don't worry, HY has a built in AntiSpam that works great!

You can also download emails from other accounts into your own automatically:

Last but not least, you can fine-tune your new mail server:

So, to answer: "if can any computer be turned into Hosting for my webpages and email?"
Yes, you can HostYourself!

Earlier version v0.4.0, back when HY was (mostly) just a Dynamic DNS client it still had the power to help you Host Yourself by allowing you to define not only the IPv4 address that would be resolved for the whole domain (A record), but also letting you define the Mail Server (MX record).